Wolfwood Mine

Wolfwood Mine is the second dungeon players will enter, the first one being the Dead Pit. Wolfwood Mine is a simple dungeon consisting of only a lever tied to a piston door, and a small boss that is tied to the side quest The Lost Miner.


Wolfwood was a very popular mining community within Frente, as the mountains were filled with lots of iron and gold deposits. After the destruction of the Bardur council, many slaves of Bardur would be forced to work in these very mines, to supply the former king of Bardur, Girius Gardin, all the gold he would ever need. After the death of Girius Gardin, many of the slaves in Wolfwood would band together, and convert Wolfwood from a mining spot to the village that it is today. This mine is the last surviving relic of that era, with the passage of time destroying the walls of this mining shaft.


This is a list of mobs that spawn here:

Corrupted Miner

Corrupted Bomber

Haisly Nargrin