Mining recipes allow you to make Bars from the ores that you mined, to make Bars, you need a Bar Mold to be able to make any Bar as it is the base ingredient. You can sell these Bars for more gold than the original ore was worth at merchants, but you can also use the bars for other things, like forging armor and weapons.

Mining Recipes

2x Iron Ore = Bar Mold

Bar Mold + 2x Iron Ore = Iron Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Bronze Ore = Bronze Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Silver Ore = Silver Bar

Bar Mold Toxflower Powder + 2x Gold Ore = Gold Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Slyvenite Ore + 5x Plant Fiber = Slyvenite Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Platinium Ore = Platinium Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Platinium Ore = Platinium Bar

Reinforced Bar Mold + 2x Malachite Ore + Toxflower Powder + Essence of Fire = Malachite Bar

Reinforced Bar Mold + 2x Blymite Ore + Toxflower Powder = Blymite Bar

Reinforced Bar Mold + Blymite Bar + Platinium Bar = Bluesteel Bar

Reinforced Bar Mold + 2x Orchidium Ore + Evorium Extract = Orchidium Bar