All pre-release supporters got a Worker named after them in the Worker Update. This means, that you are actually able to obtain a worker with the name based on one of the pre-release supporters of Eternia.

The following names are based on the pre-release supporters:

Deathsvice - Darek Deathwise.

Jomi - Jomin Mountainborn.

Kart - Karta Norgrund.

Sparky - Sparkay Zuger.

Shorra - Shora'Kin Longlife.

Arubion - Mansa Arubgion.

TechniGaming (Declan) - Decleran Darksun.

Caitlin - Cathilyn Copperhead.

Landsliide - Lansel Sliderith.

h54 (BuildRepeater) - Buildun Reperatun

Morrow - Morrak Rowind

Uncurse - Urucur Sedorra

Workers are available by purchasing in the store, or by obtaining a Worker Bundle that can both contain workers and Worker Cards - in-game bonuses to your workers.