Corrupted Bomber

Corrupted Bomber is a mob that only appears in Wolfwood Mine. The Corrupted Bomber can deal a lot of damage to players who are not careful, or who are not prepared, as its nature is to chase down the player, and explode near the player, dealing massive damage in the context of a low-level Character.



Level 1 --- 50

Level 2 --- 53

Level 3 --- 56


Level 1 --- 25

Level 2 --- 31

Level 3 --- 37



When the Corrupted Bomber hits a target, the Corrupted Bomber will freeze in place, with a ring around the Bomber. Any player that stays in this circle for 30 ticks, or 1.5 seconds, will take 20 points of damage. The Corrupted Bomber will die after using this ability