Bar Molds is a poor item which is used for the base ingredient in making Bars from Ores. They can be made by using two Iron Ores and can be upgraded so that you can use better Ores to make better Bars. They can be sold for 8 gold to the Trader.


2x Iron Ore = Bar Mold

Bar Mold + 2x Iron Ore = Iron Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Bronze Ore = Bronze Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Silver Ore = Silver Bar

Bar Mold + Toxflower Powder + 2x Gold Ore = Gold Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Slyvinite Ore + 5x Plant Fiber = Slyvinite Bar

Bar Mold + 2x Platinium Ore = Platinium Bar

2x Bar Mold + Sharpening Powder = Reinforced Bar Mold